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Great cross-border collaboration between Byteflies and TPE Sealing

Back in 2019 we started our cooperation for the exciting „Sensor Dot“ project with our new customer Byteflies. In Wegberg we produce injection molded parts from high quality thermoplastics such as PC / ABS in the Byteflies blue color. One part in this project is even made in 2-component injection molding. The parts serve as casings for the smart solutions and sensors from Byteflies.

In times of the Corona crisis, we can support the Byteflies team with quality, as well as flexible and fast delivery times.

We’d like to give a big shout-out and keep our fingers crossed for the team to further revolutionize the healthcare industry and help fighting viruses like COVID19 effectively. Special thanks for the good cooperation with Niels Van Thienen (Byteflies) and Valère Franssen, who designed and realized the injection tools.

Byteflies is a Belgian-American ISO13485 (medtech) company that provides B2B-services to enable lean development of wearable health applications. They envision a future where healthcare is truly personalized, predictive, preventive, and participatory. Wearable technologies that enable 24/7 acquisition of accurate and synchronized vital signs and clinically-validated digital biomarkers are a crucial facilitator of this transition. Byteflies is currently developing wearable products for people with epilepsy, sleep disorders, cardiorespiratory and neurodegenerative conditions, and monitoring of acute viral infections.



personalisierte Sensoren

Sensoren, die Vitalfunktionen weitergeben