May 2019: Founding of TPE Sealing GmbH, sister company of SPT Production.

The technological progress in injection molding does not stop at new material
combinations and uses. Injection molding processes have long since ceased to be
used for the transformation of “only” plastic or “only” rubber; the materials are
increasingly being combined in multi-component injection molding. Better properties
and more efficient processing of the resulting components are the goal.

The demands on suppliers are increasing and there is a demand for expertise and the ability
to recognize and implement trends. The company SPT Production GmbH from Wegberg was
founded in 2002 by a team that already had many years of experience in the development of
sealing systems for the automotive market. The demands of car manufacturers, suppliers
and customers have not diminished since then: weight reductions and space savings,
improved temperature control, acoustic performance and last but not least optimizations in
energy consumption and emissions are only a few points. Here, the company SPT has
placed itself as a reliable, flexible and innovative partner. This has also recognized
customers from other industries. Gaskets for the construction sector or the food industry
have been added.
The production had initially focused on the processing of rubber (EPDM). Due to increasing
demands and new technological developments, machines for processing plastics (TPE) and
2-component injection molding (Multi-Component injection molding) have been added in
recent years. SPT researches and develops in the field of multi-component injection molding
in order to be able to offer its customers new, more efficient and therefore more economical
component solutions. Also 3-component solutions are already discussed. The speed and
flexibility of the experts is in demand today more than ever.
In order to remain a technological leader in the various areas and to help shape new trends,
the company has founded a second competence center in the form of TPE Sealing GmbH.
From now on, this company will be responsible for the development and production of
components in TPE or multi-component injection molding. The rubber business remains with
SPT. The fact that the know-how of many years is used across all materials and customers
ensures that the new company will be located in the premises of SPT Production in