Sustainability is the central theme of our time and the driver for innovation. Thinking and acting in an environmentally conscious and resource-conserving manner are of fundamental importance to us. That this is a process and that everything cannot be solved overnight is beyond question, but the most important thing is that we as TPE Sealing have recognized the signs of the times and are doing everything for a sustainable future for us and the following generations.

  • Solar energy
    We have been producing our own electricity using solar energy for years. Around 35,000 kWh / year are fed in.
  • Green electricity
    Since we need a lot more energy than we can produce ourselves, we buy 100% green electricity.
  • E-vehicles
    only vehicles with e-drives are used in our fleet.
  • Recyclates
    We buy up to 100% recycled material and use this for new products in injection molding.
  • New-Life-Upcycling
    Unavoidable plastic waste is sorted by type and delivered to certified New-Life-Upcycling companies. This is where the waste finds a new way of life, e.g. for insulation boards in the railway sector or sports floors.
  • Cold runner and hot runner
    For elastomers we use cold runner systems wherever possible so that we can produce as waste-free as possible in production. When processing thermoplastics, it is hot runner systems that enable waste-free production.
  • Closed-loop production
    With this production variant, unavoidable waste and rejects are crushed in a mill immediately after the injection process and added back to the melt in the injection unit. This means that a closed, waste-free process runs in series!
  • Waste separation
    The separation of waste is regulated throughout the company.

In cooperation with our customers, we try to pave the way for sustainable injection molding solutions as early as possible. In this way we help the environment and our customers to optimize the CO2 footprint of your products.

Sustainability TPE Sealing