Custom work in mold construction

… for reproducible quality

A good tool is the heart of every project and therefore crucial for quality for series production and successful cooperation. By using prototype and pre-series tools, we can already draw essential knowledge before the series phase and secure this. Changes and optimization can usually be implemented more cost-effectively here.

Our project engineers are the link between toolmaking and the customer. With a lot of experience and an eye for the essentials, we implement highly complex series tools for medium and large series and always maintain transparent communication. Our tools are characterized by their long service life, which work as precisely over the entire production life cycle as they did on the first day.


  • Tool making for complex one- and multi-component injection molds
  • CAD / CAM workstations
  • Milling / turning / grinding / and EDM machines
  • Welding technology [MIG, TIG, laser]
  • Spotting presses
  • Tool surfaces according to VDI [micro blasting, laser, etching]
  • Cold- and Hotrunnersystems
  • Injection molding machines for sampling from 50t to 2,300t clamping force including automation
  • 3D measuring room
  • Change management
  • Tool maintenance and cleaning


Automation TPE Sealing

Consistent use of material synergies
for functionally integrated components,
where we leave nothing to chance!

In the field of tension between growing customer wishes, more complex requirements, ever shorter development times and economic influencing factors, innovative, fast solutions are in demand. We meet these challenges as a flexible company that not only moves with the times, but always wants to be one step ahead. We are enthusiastic about new product ideas from our customers and try to always get the maximum out of the design and manufacturing point of view. Ultimately, new ideas must also be economical and producible. Here we give our input openly and transparently.

Before it goes into series steel, we can support you as follows:  

  • Support with CAD data
  • DFM analyzes – “production-oriented design”
  • Reverse engineering, material analysis and optimization
  • Rapid prototyping and prototype tools
  • Mold flow and warpage analyzes
  • Test concepts, test gauges, devices and CpK analyzes

From prototypes and pre-series parts to series production, we leave nothing to chance – we always optimize processes according to the zero-error principle.

Automation TPE Sealing